Founded in 1951, Palace is the citya��s most traditional steakhouse. Located in Copacabana and internationally renowned for its authentic Rio style, it was founded in the Golden Years, together with Bossa Nova. That music style is part of the steakhousea��s soundtrack, to which a panel titled a�?Last Supper of Bossa Novaa�?, exposed in the dining hall, pays a tribute.

The Palacea��s a�?rodA�zioa�? service includes fine meats, seafood and fish. Cuts invented by the house are a highlight, such as the Butterfly Picanha cut (rumpsteak), the Lamb Shoulder Clod in Douro Wine and the Prime Ribs.



Butterfly Picanha (Rumpsteak)

A cut created by Palace in the 80s that has spread throughout Brazil...

Asado De Tira (Baby Back Ribs)

Asado de Tira is a cut that is extracted from the most noble part of the...

French Rack

French Rack is a cut that includes the bones.

Shoulder Steak

Shoulder Steak is extracted from the front part of the beef.

Bife Ancho

Retirado da parte dianteira do contrafilé. Possui uma leve camada de gordura.

Ribs 6 Flavors

Typical cut of the southern region of Brazil, the Ribs 6 Flavors are roasted...

Brazilian Ingredients

Palace is renowned for using elements of Brazilian cuisine and thus includes...


Palace offers delicious options of fresh crustaceans and mollusks


Experience our salad options. In addition to the traditional...

Japanese Food

Palace was the first restaurant to add Japanese cuisine to its rodízio.

Cheeses and cold cuts

Opções deliciosas de queijos e frios de todo o mundo

Hot dishes

(Português) Sebastiana

(Português) Doce de Abóbora, sorvete de coco queimado e crocante de pé de moleque

Trio Of Amazonian Ice Cream

The Trio of Amazonian Ice Cream contains Cupuaçu, Cupuaçu with Nuts and...

Cat’s Egg

Cat’s Egg is a dessert for chocolate addicts. Vanilla ice cream is...

Juliet Of Romeo

Juliet of Romeo is Palace’s version of the traditional Brazilian Romeo...


Brazilian Wines

Palace features the best national wines, such as those produced by...

Port Wine

Our Port Wine list offers a unique variety of 30 different labels.


Malbec wines, mainly from the Mendoza region, Argentina...


Palace’s cachaça list was created by sommelier Isadora Fornari and it...


Tiquira is Brazil’s oldest brandy.


Palace suggests several Premium Gin brands.


Vodka, Cointreau and Cranberry Juice

Tropical Delirium

Cachaça, green apple liquor, lemon grass and pineapple

Dry Martini

Dry Martini



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(Português) Perfil: Ferreira

(Português) Antonio Ferreira é o maître da Palace, leia o perfil e conheça sua história.

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(Português) Nova carta de cervejas cariocas

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